Cuomo and Bloomberg Back GOP Senators on the Ropes Over Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Saland. Photo: New York State Assembly

One of the mailers that twelve-term incumbent State Senator Stephen Saland's opponent Neil Di Carlo circulated prior to last week's primary depicted Saland holding hands with Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo while exclaiming "My Two Daddies," an unsubtle swipe at Saland's vote in favor of New York's Marriage Equality Act. On Wednesday, Bloomberg and Cuomo joined in their support of Saland and fellow GOP incumbent Roy McDonald, among only four Republicans who supported the act, both of whom await their fate pending results from absentee ballots in too-close-to-call primaries.

Saland holds a narrow lead over Di Carlo while two-term Senator McDonald trails challenger Kathleen Marchione by a slim margin, the Times reports. Both men discussed with Cuomo prior to voting for the act that the vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage might invite a primary challenger and ultimately cost them their seats.

“No matter what happens in the election,” Bloomberg said, “they’re going to have the satisfaction of knowing for the rest of their life they stood up and voted their conscience, and they did it in a world where that’s harder to do today maybe than it’s been in a long time.”

Officials begin counting absentee ballots on Thursday.

“I don’t believe we elect officials to always agree with us,” Cuomo said. “We elect officials to use their best judgment and to be people of character and integrity, and I think this vote, which was a difficult vote, showed character and integrity. I hope it works out for both gentlemen. They’re in the middle of recounts now, and I hope it works out — I hope they get reelected.”