Poll: Most Florida Residents Think Obama Is Better Speaker Than Romney

Photo: Getty Images

In a poll conducted after the Republican National Convention, 58 percent of 1,548 likely Florida voters said that Barack Obama gives better speeches than Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Thirty-two percent responded that Romney gives better speeches. Of course, those findings by Public Policy Polling contain a common knock against the president — that the man can give a speech, but can he deliver results?

PPP didn't measure Clint Eastwood's oratory skills against Obama's, but the legendary actor and director managed a 36 percent favorable rating for his epic seven-minutes-too-long empty chair speech; 41 percent did not view the speech favorably, and 22 percent were "unsure," because "stymied" and "puzzled" were not options. The pollsters also found that Romney did not enjoy a convention bounce in Florida, as Obama still leads Romney there 48–47 just as he did five weeks ago.