Newt Gingrich: Romney’s Space Plan Doesn’t Boldly Go Anywhere

Photo: Spencer Platt/2011 Getty Images

Over the weekend the Romney campaign unveiled its space plan, and at a campaign event Paul Ryan said, "I believe we need a mission for NASA, a mission for a space program, and we also believe that this is an integral part of our national security.” The campaign is a bit vague on what that mission should be, and one former rival noticed. “The Romney plan for space starts to move in the right direction but could be much more robust,” Newt Gingrich told NBC News. “We could move into space much, much faster than we are. Romney is better than [President] Obama on space but could be bolder and more visionary.” This is very disappointing news for all Americans who were hoping Romney had a change of heart about colonizing the moon (i.e. only Newt Gingrich).