NBC News Chief Apologizes to Affiliates for Outrage Over Today Show 9/11 Coverage

Keeping up with Jenner's breast enhancement surgery. Photo: NBC

NBC News Chief Steve Capus isn't sorry that the Today show aired a segment about Kris Jenner's breast augmentation at 8:46 a.m. on Tuesday while most news networks observed a moment of silence on the anniversary of the first September 11 plane attack in New York. But Capus apologized to NBC national affiliates for the lambasting they took because of that decision. “Yesterday, we made an editorial call resulting in the September 11 moment of silence not being seen," Capus wrote in a memo obtained by the Times. "While we dedicated a substantial amount of airtime to anniversary events, we still touched a nerve with many of your viewers … and for that we apologize.” NBC maintained that Today had only observed a moment of silence on 9/11 once since 2006, on the ten-year anniversary in 2011. Just to be safe next year, maybe a segment about adorable puppies. No one can complain about that.