Watch a Rat Scurry Across an Upper West Side Grocery Store Aisle


A neighborhood blog My Upper West posted a video Monday starring one unidentified rat in a Fairway Market at 74th Street and Broadway. The blogger said he was shopping around midnight and after spotting the first rat, wrote, "I spent the next 20 minutes watching in wonderment as at least two rats (although I’m pretty sure there were three) darted back and forth across the aisle." Some of the rats had peanuts in their mouths and weren't intimidated by the presence of shoppers.

"Apparently dismayed that I didn’t have any peanuts, it went right back to 'shopping' after spending a good 5 – 10 seconds out in the open," reports My Upper West. Fairway enjoys a pretty good reputation and responded to the incident in part: "This is unconscionable for us at Fairway Markets and we have brought this not only to the attention of the Store Manager and our Quality Control team, but also to the attention of senior management." Fairway also pointed a finger at nearby construction that prompted one outraged resident to post "Rat Crossing" signs in the neighborhood. But the rats are now feeding on protein-packed peanuts, not poison, and they're getting bolder.