Rupert Murdoch Confirms That He Is an Old Man

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/2012 Getty Images

News Corp. bossman Rupert Murdoch meant to check "independent" on his voter registration form, but checked "Independence" instead, aligning himself two years ago with a party his own New York Post has called anti-Semitic and "cult-like." Crain's New York, which spotted the confusing enrollment, was assured by a Murdoch spokesperson "with 100% certainty that this was an error," meaning that old Rupe's eyesight probably isn't what it used to be. But he's not alone: "The [Independence] party boasts more than 400,000 members in New York, but insiders have long believed that many if not most of them intended to be independents, not Independence Party members." So maybe Murdoch really is just a man of the people.