Scott Brown Staffers Bust Out ‘Indian War Whoops,’ ‘Yankees Suck’ Chant at Warren Supporters [Updated]


In what may be the most Boston moment ever committed to film, a man in a backward baseball cap and his bro wearing a camouflage T-shirt break into “Indian war whoops” and do some tomahawk chops toward Elizabeth Warren supporters before breaking into an incongruous “Yankees suck” chant. The guys in the video — GOP operative Brad Garrett and Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, along with Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey — also happen to work for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who has made Warren’s tenuous Native American roots a focal point of his campaign. But how ‘bout them Sox?

Update: Asked about the video, Brown said he hadn’t had time for YouTube yet today, but “if you’re saying that, certainly that’s not something I condone. It’s certainly something that, if I’m aware of it, I will tell that [staff] member never to do that again.” He also used the opportunity to reiterate his attack: “The apologies that need to be made and the offensiveness here is the fact that professor Warren took advantage of a claim, to be somebody — a Native American — and using that for an advantage, a tactical advantage.”

Scott Brown and his staff are launching outrageous and offensive personal attacks to distract from the issues that matter,” said a Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman. “The behavior of his staff is completely inappropriate, but the tone of the campaign is set by the candidate.” (And the baseball season.)