Sheldon Silver’s Female Facebook Defender Is Actually a Man Who Works for Him

Photo: Daniel Barry/2008 Getty Images

A fervent, female Facebook defender of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been identified by the Post as a man (and part-time sci-fi writer) speaking out in favor of his boss. Silver, currently under fire for organizing secretive settlements to Vito Lopez's sexual harassment victims, has found an online apologist in "Sophia Walker," who the tabloid says turns out to be 48-year-old legislative writer Bill Eggler. "She's a woman who lives in London. She's a strange and reclusive character," Eggler insists, although his mailbox reads "W. Eggler" and "S. Walker," apparently his sci-fi pseudonym for writing at Silver's office called the plot twist "inappropriate" and is looking into it, while at least Eggler's side-project stories are getting noticed.