Biden’s Constant Debate Laughter Was Either Delightful or Totally Disrespectful

Photo: Win McNamee/2012 Getty Images

Even someone who watched the vice-presidential debate on mute could tell that Joe Biden's debating style is wildly different from that of his boss. President Obama mainly displayed two looks at last week's debate: blankly staring at Mitt Romney while answering questions and looking down while feverishly taking notes (apparently he was told there would be a quiz later). Biden on the other hand, showed off a wide variety of expressions: shaking his head in disbelief, raising his eyebrows incredulously, and laughing a lot. Minutes after the debate was over, @LaughinJoeBiden had already picked up thousands of followers.

On Twitter Piers Morgan deemed Biden's laugh "infectious," and after weathering the last week many liberals seemed happy to have something to smile about. Unsurprisingly, right-leaning Tweeters weren't amused by Biden's suggestion that everything Paul Ryan said in the debate was absurd. Expect to see the two takes on Biden's laughter showcased in competing campaign ads.

Here's a look at Biden in action: