Labor Department May Delay Unemployment Numbers, Make Jack Welch Explode [Updated]

Former General Electric chairman Jack Welch gestures as he speaks on 04 November 2005 during the "World Business Forum" in Frankfurt/M. The World Business Forum is a symposium featuring eminent leaders and thinkers speaking on topics of the utmost importance to the business community. Photo: THOMAS LOHNES/AFP/Getty Images

The last unemployment figures before Election Day are scheduled to be released on Friday, but because the federal government is closed today and possibly tomorrow, the Labor Department says it's unsure whether a delay will be necessary. "[J]ust another sleazy attempt of o’dumbo controlled departments to try to salvage this fool’s campaign," says a comment on The Wall Street Journal story that we think will probably be typical of the conservative reaction. Update: The Labor Department says it is their "intention that Friday will be business as usual."