New York Times Staff Plans to Walk Out for a Few Minutes Today

Photo: Bloomberg/2011 Bloomberg

Union members at the New York Times have now gone eighteen months and counting without a new contract and plan to remind management of that fact this afternoon. "There is no longer any time to waste," reads a Newspaper Guild memo to staffers calling for a walk-out. "It is time to raise our voices." But it'll be quick, and hopefully won't interfere with actually getting things done: "We want you to participate if you have flexibility in your work schedule that permits a 10 or 15 minute break at 3:35," say the instructions. While the fight for fair wages, pensions, and benefits is serious, the union actions remain symbolic for now. "We are not planning a strike," Guild President Bill O'Meara said last month. "A strike is a nuclear weapon. It's mutually assured destruction." This is just a little breather with purpose.