Police Did Not Find Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Under Michigan Driveway


Well it was an intriguing story while it lasted, but Michigan State University anthropologists found no traces of human DNA or bone fragments in soil samples taken from a driveway in a suburban Detroit backyard, CBS Detroit reports. A couple weeks ago police received a tip from a dying man who said the former homeowner, a bookmaker for a Detroit mafia captain, was pouring concrete late at night around the time of the powerful Teamsters leader's 1975 disappearance. “We never thought it was Jimmy Hoffa,” said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin. “But after the time and effort put into it, you have hope that there’s something there, but of course we’re glad that it’s not, because that (would have) meant some poor soul had been there all these years.” According to a local mob expert, Hoffa's killers more likely incinerated his body or disposed of it such a way that the poor soul doesn't have to listen to children dribbling a basketball or other sounds of the suburbs. How considerate.