Shot Off-Duty Cop Chases Down Robber, Kills Him


The botched robbery that ended in an off-duty police officer chasing down and killing a suspect while clutching his bullet-riddled chest could have been a scene in Die Hard. Officer Ivan Marcano was driving along through the Bronx with his girlfriend when he saw three people robbing a guy, and got out of the car to stop it. But when he pulled out his shield and gun, one of the robbers shot the 27-year-old in the chest. Then everybody got into their cars and drove off, with Marcano seeking medical help and the robbers trying to escape.

The wounded Marcano and his girlfriend found themselves stopped at a light behind a white Mustang that just so happened to contain the suspects. The girlfriend honked and the robbers lurched forward and crashed into the black livery cab in front of them, which crashed into a parked car and “careened onto the sidewalk,” CBS reports. The robbers got out of their car to run away and Marcano, apparently unfazed by the gunshot wound in his chest, got out of his car to run after them.

[Commissioner Ray] Kelly said that while in pursuit, Marcano fired two shots with a gun in his right hand while applying pressure to his chest wound with his left hand. One of the shots hit a suspect in the head, killing him,” NY1 reported. Fortunately for everybody else on the street, “Marcano warned the public to get down and take cover,” NBC New York reported. All in all, it sounds like a pretty terrifying night up in the Bronx.