Charles Darwin Gets 4,000 Votes in Georgia Congressional Race

TO GO WITH THE STORY IN FRENCH BY BORIS CAMBRELENG: " BICENTENAIRE DE CHARLES DARWIN, FONDATEUR DE LA BIOLOGIE MODERNE" - This undated engraving released on February 10, 1959 showing English naturalist Charles Darwin ( 1809-1882), father of the theory of evolution meaning that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors through the process he called natural selection. AFP PHOTO  (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)
Not a viable alternative to science-denying Congressman. Photo: -/2009 AFP

The inspiration for the write-in campaign was a September 27 speech in which three-term Republican Congressman Paul Broun referred to “evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory” as “lies straight from the pit of hell” designed to keep people from “understanding that they need a savior.” You know what would really show Broun though? Actually running someone against him next time. Someone who is alive.

Darwin Gets 4,000 Votes in Georgia Race