Good Luck Voting by E-mail in New Jersey


New Jersey made its own attempt to ensure displaced storm victims got a chance to vote, classifying them as overseas voters so they could file by e-mail by requesting a ballot that they could then print, scan, and e-mail to the county clerk. But with election day barely even underway it’s already not going too well. Buzzfeed reports that “in two major counties [Essex and Morris], the e-mail address advertised on the website of the county clerk is not even accepting e-mail,” and the Essex clerk even told voters to send requests to his personal Hotmail account. An update to’s story on the e-mail voting trouble makes the whole exercise sound a bit redundant: “Late today, Ernest Landante, a spokesman for Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, said the state does require e-mail voters to also send in hard copies of their ballots by regular mail immediately, and no special exemptions are being made for Sandy victims.” A trip to the polls is starting to sound like one worth spending the gas on.