Hotels Choose Between Marathoners, Sandy Victims


One of the most dramatic examples of the city’s division over Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to green-light the marathon can be seen in how hotels are dealing with a sudden onslaught of guests. In hard-hit Staten Island, some hotel owners have decided not to honor reservations by marathoners that would displace victims of Sandy who have no place else to go, the New York Times reports. “How do I tell people that have no place to go, that have no home, that have no heat, that you have to leave because I need to make room for somebody that wants to run the marathon? I can’t do that,” one hotelier told the paper. Meanwhile, in midtown, Bloomberg reports on hotels that are turning hurricane victims away because they’re already booked with marathoners. “Those marathon rooms were booked months ago,” one desk clerk told Bloomberg. “It’s been very difficult and frustrating to turn people down from downtown and the suburbs.” Probably not as frustrating as it is to get turned down.

Update (5:53 p.m. EDT): Anybody canceling their trip to the city now that the race has been canceled can donate their hotel room at Race2Recover (h/t GOOD magazine). Those in need can also request a room there.