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early and awful

Joe Scarborough Buys His Way Out of Mustache Bet

With President Obama (essentially) having won Florida, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough must grow a mustache, according to the terms of his mustache bet with David Axelrod. So yesterday, we tried to inspire Scarborough by plastering ten of history's greatest mustaches on his soon-to-be hirsute face. And earlier today on Morning Joe, New York's John Heilemann helpfully ran through each option (except the Charlie Chaplin for, uh, some reason) with Scarborough on the air:

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But then something terrible happened: Scarborough made a deal with Axelrod to give lots and lots of money to epilepsy research (Axelrod's daughter suffers from the disorder) instead of growing a mustache. The terms of the new agreement are as follows:

  • Scarborough will donate $10,000 to epilepsy research.
  • He will also host a fund-raising event for epilepsy research ...
  • ... during which he will wear a fake mustache ...
  • ... and sing a Freddy Fender song of Axelrod's choosing. 

This is exactly the type of thing President Obama was referring to on the campaign trail when he talked about the rich "playing by a different set of rules." A single mother working a double shift as a waitress would have had to grow that mustache.