John McCain Wants a Public Apology from Susan Rice

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Sunday, John McCain indignantly strode onto the set of CBS's Face the Nation to demand that U.N. ambassador Susan Rice apologize for going on TV and accurately relaying the information given to her by the CIA  in the wake of the Benghazi attack. And — just to bring the situation full circle — he wants her to deliver this big "sorry" on TV, too.

"She has a lot of explaining to do," the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee said on CBS's "Face the Nation." If Rice came back on "Face the Nation" and acknowledged she was wrong, McCain said, it would help her case in the Senate if President Barack Obama does nominate her to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

McCain — who has been threatening to filibuster Rice's potential nomination — also took issue with President Obama's recent televised moment of anger over his continued attacks on the ambassador.  "I wish the president wouldn't get mad me," he said. (Aw.) "I wish he would spend our time together in finding out what happened, what caused it." Fortunately, beautiful wishes like that do sometimes come true — but only for people who do not constantly act  like attention-seeking jerks.