Runaway Zebra and Pony Are Cruelly Torn Apart

Happier times.

Casper and Razzi, the pony and zebra pair, are paying the consequences for yesterday’s unauthorized jaunt through the streets of Staten Island. Their adventure caught the authorities’ attention, since zebras can only be kept in zoos or petting zoos, and no permits have been issued in the area. However, when health inspectors showed up to Giovanni Schirripa’s home on Thursday the issue was moot. Razzi the zebra has been moved to a property in Phillipsburg, N.J., where Schirripa keeps several horses. According to the New York Times, the duo lived in “a barn that looks like it was once a single-car garage,” and had a pen “behind the two-story house that Mr. Schirripa shares with his parents,” which is possibly not the best environment for an exotic animal. Still, it’s sad that the equine pals can’t be together, unless one of them is daring enough to make a break for the Outerbridge Crossing.