Storm-Hit New Yorkers Can Just Vote Anywhere


This should make things easier on Tuesday: If you’re registered to vote in a federally declared disaster area (that means you, New York City), there’s no need to go to your usual polling place to cast your ballot. Instead, you can just go to the nearest one and file an affidavit ballot (provided you’re still within the state) and it will get counted in your home precinct. That’s the gist of the executive order Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed on Monday night. But there are some restrictions, most notably that you won’t be able to vote in state legislative races outside your district. “You can’t vote for a race that you’re not eligible to vote for,” Cuomo told reporters. Rockland, Westchester, and Long Island are included in the order, along with all of New York City, and you can check your nearest polling place here. As it happens, Tuesday is supposed to be bitterly cold, so the fact that you can just go to the nearest polling place instead of schlepping to your usual spot will certainly be welcome.