The Weather Next Week Does Not Look Promising

It's complicated.

The same model that predicted Hurricane Sandy’s path eight days before it hit now has its eye on a potential nor’easter affecting the mid-Atlantic and New England, conveniently, around election day. Before you do something crazy like move to L.A. or talk about climate change, know that the new storm is not as super as Sandy, but could include rain, wind, and snow, messing with relief efforts in areas already suffering enough. “At this time it looks as though coastal impacts would be farther north along the New England coast than we saw with Sandy,” writes Tom Niziol of “Snowfall would be confined to northern New England. Also, this system will not be anywhere as impactful as Sandy. That being said, it is much too early to discuss details and we will need to keep a close eye on future forecasts to fine tune the evolution of this system.” Please do — we’ll be over here with our heads in a pillow.