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New Anti-Muslim Subway Ads Aim to Win Over New Yorkers With 9/11 Images

Anti-Islam activist Pamella Geller’s “Support Israel, Defeat Jihad” ads didn’t go over very well with subway riders, so she’s is trying a different tactic. Her new ads, which go up next week, feature the Twin Towers engulfed in flames, along with this out of context quote from the Koran: “Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.” The New York Times reports that she’s also made a much bigger ad buy, placing a sign beside each of the 220 clocks hanging in New York’s subway stations. Geller notes that this time would-be vandals “would have to get a ladder.” So when riders are accidentally covered in spray paint by activists aiming for the ads, we’ll have Geller to thank.

New Anti-Muslim Subway Ads Feature 9/11 Images