It’s Layoff Day at Newsweek and the Daily Beast

Tina Brown.
Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown/Getty Images

The all-digital restructuring is under way at Tina Brown’s NewsBeast as the print magazine prepares to close forever, the boss announced to her staff today. Just hours after moving around three top editors for the new formation, Brown sent a memo, obtained by the New York Observer, explaining, "The sad moment has arrived when we must go forth with the editorial staff reductions that we discussed in person with all of you several weeks ago. Employees in the affected positions will be notified today." Capital New York reports that iPad editor Melissa Lafsky, commentary editor Damon Linker, and design director Lindsay Ballant have joined those already leaving voluntarily, while the rest of the cuts "will be substantial enough," according to a source. "This is a very difficult day, and one that we approach with enormous regret," Brown said.