Grandma Hit by Stray Bullet in Brooklyn

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On Wednesday, a 92-year-old grandmother joined a two-month-old baby and a woman washing dishes in her kitchen on New York’s list of scary accidental shootings. Gloria Johnson was headed to a Brooklyn laundromat with her home health aide when a silver Audi stopped at the corner of Blake and Miller avenues and fired four shots at a group of kids, hitting Johnson’s arm. “The lady was down on the ground,” Staf Ali, who works in a nearby deli, told DNAinfo. “I thought she was hiding from the bullets. When we picked her up off the ground she was bleeding from her arm. That’s what made us sad and mad about it because she’s old and she didn’t have anything to do with nothing.” Thankfully, Johnson’s injuries weren’t life-threatening. Police found the car parked a few blocks away, but still haven’t found the driver.