‘No Honking’ Signs Deemed Completely Useless

Photo: PeterJBellis/Flickr

The Transportation Department has finally realized that drivers don’t even see those “Don’t Honk” signs littering the streets, let alone obey them, and hopes to have all of them taken down by the end of the year, the New York Times reports. While gratuitous honking remains illegal and carries a $350 fine, the NYPD gave just 206 summonses for the offense last year, which is approximately as many honks as you’ll hear during the length of one Katy Perry song while stuck in a cab in midtown at rush hour. Complaints to 311 about the noise are down 63 percent in the last few years (because it’s futile), and anyone who claims to be a New Yorker but still notices and reports honking does not have enough stress and anxiety swirling in their own head anyway.