Karl Rove and Fox News Are Staying Together Through 2016

Photo: Tom Pennington/2011 Getty Images

Crazy Election Night math-hater Karl Rove has signed a multiyear deal that will keep him as a commentator on Fox News until at least the four-year anniversary of his November 2012 meltdown, the network announced today. After refusing to believe the network's on-air prediction that Barack Obama had won Ohio, and thus the election, our own Gabriel Sherman reported that the Republican demigod was benched temporarily by the channel, but any lingering tension has apparently since dissipated. Big boss Roger Ailes recently signed on through 2016, too, following Fox News stars Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Megyn Kelly, whose contract expires this year, could round out a ragtag starting lineup, with Dennis Kucinich serving as some sort of sixth man.