Quinn Booed for Saying She’d Keep Ray Kelly


City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has reportedly committed to keeping Police Commissioner  Ray Kelly in control of the NYPD, and even though she was as cagey as possible about that decision in a mayoral forum hosted by Al Sharpton on Tuesday, she still got booed for it. “I have no jobs to offer to him or anyone else,” Quinn said when asked if she would keep him on. The booing started when she went on to say that the city “would be lucky” if he stayed. “Wait a minute,” she continued. “If I’m mayor, the police commissioner will work for me and that includes a mandate to end unconstitutional stop, question, and frisk.” If that undermines her presumed campaign backer Mayor Bloomberg, who defends stop-and-frisk, well, he hasn’t exactly been unreserved in his support for her, either.