Schumer Blasted for Not Serving the President Subpar Long Island Duck

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images2012 Getty Images

As the inauguration's master of ceremonies, Senator Chuck Schumer was able to pack the menu at Obama’s post-swearing-in luncheon with plenty of foods from his home state, but one New Yorker is still miffed. Politicker reports that Long Island chef Butch Yamali is holding a press conference tomorrow to “formally rebuke” Schumer for not serving Long Island duck. The bird was replaced by South Dakota bison after the tasting committee decided it wasn't up to snuff. “The duck was very good, but the preparation wasn’t great," Schumer told the Times. "When New York gets good bison, we’ll have that.’’ In the meantime, we believe Michelle Obama has the expression Schumer is searching for.