Bill Bratton Hinting at a Possible Triumphant Return to NYPD

Photo: Alex Wong/2011 Getty Images

Last summer, former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton met with a few mayoral hopefuls to let them know he'd be interested in returning to lead the NYPD. In a Sunday interview in The Telegraph, the man credited with cleaning up crime in the city under Rudolph Giuliani (who went on to lead the LAPD and was considered for Scotland Yard) seemed to suggest those candidates were into the idea, and so was he. "If it were to be offered again, then I would be strongly tempted to take it. I’m flattered that, you know, 16 years later, they’re still comfortable with the idea of my coming back. I think I should have another go in the public sector." Given Bratton's resume, we're not too worried about him landing such a position, here or elsewhere.