Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Run Confirmed by Greek-American News Agency [Updated]


For years, news outlets around the world wasted their time by asking the Clintons if Hillary will run in 2016, but the Greek Reporter scooped them all by turning to Democratic donor Angelo Tsakopoulos. “Hillary will be our next president and she will be a great one,” said the 76-year-old real estate developer, who's close to the couple. “I talked to her husband, and he confirmed it. She will run.” Tsakopoulos adds that his daughter, who's the U.S. ambassador to Hungary, will start working for the campaign in the next few months — presumably by coaching certain donors on how to talk to the press. Update: John Sitilides, a friend and federal affairs advisor to Tsakopoulos, responded: “During a recent discussion with a reporter, Mr. Tsakopoulos freely expressed his own sincere hope and personal opinion that Hillary Clinton would run for President because he believes she would make a great President. Some of his comments were apparently taken out of context, as it is clear from the former Secretary’s statements that she has made no plans to run for office.”