Dick Morris Can’t Believe It’s Over With Fox


Now-former Fox News personality Dick Morris stopped by Piers Morgan’s show on Wednesday to talk about why he got fired, which was because he was wrong “at the top of my lungs” about last year’s presidential election. But even though Morris said Fox president Roger Ailes personally told him they weren’t going to bring him back, he can’t bring himself to admit he’s been canned.

In this business you’re up, you’re down, nothing is final and nothing is fatal,” Morris quoted Ailes as telling him. “Why are you down now?,” Morgan asked. “Because I was wrong, and I was wrong at the top of my lungs.” When asked why Karl Rove, who was so wrong he wouldn’t admit the election results were accurate, was allowed to stay on, Morris repeated his point: “I think that I was wrong at the top of my lungs. Maybe I’m being made a poster child for that.” He said of his 15-year relationship with Fox, “At some point the great marriage has to end.” But even then he wouldn’t admit his relationship with the network had been severed for good: “The divorce isn’t final, but I’m seeing other people.”