Elon Musk Avoids Tesla Talk on Jimmy Kimmel


Ever since the New York Times blasted Tesla’s Model S electric car in a disastrous test drive that sunk the company’s stock, CEO Elon Musk has talked of nothing else on the company’s blog, and little else on his own Twitter. And yet when he got in front of a national audience on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Musk barely mentioned the company’s existence, let alone the road test he says The Times faked. Kimmel didn’t bring it up either, except to congratulate him on winning Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. Rather, Musk talked mostly about his other company, SpaceX, which makes sense as that endeavor has a rocket launching on March 1 for the International Space Station. But it was still an entertaining chat, with Musk declaring Mars a “fixer upper of a planet,” bemoaning the fact he can’t ride his own rockets, and denying the existence of time travel. The highlights, below.