Fox Is Finished With Dick ‘Exactly Wrong’ Morris


The day before last year’s presidential election, Fox News contributor Dick Morris predicted Mitt Romney would win by a “landslide” 325 to 213 electoral votes. He got the margin of victory close, but in reverse: Barack Obama won 332 to 206. Morris hasn’t been on Fox very much since then, and the word after the election was that he and Karl Rove had been benched. On Tuesday, it emerged that the benching would be permanent, as Fox decided not to renew Morris’s contract.

Morris, once an adviser to President Bill Clinton, has been a Fox contributor since 1998, so canning him is kind of a big deal. But to some on the right, it will come as a relief. Morris exemplifies the reality-denying conservative media cocoon Jonathan Martin outlined in Politico just after the election. “Dick Morris is a joke to every smart conservative in Washington and most every smart conservative under the age of 40 in America,” conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat told Martin. “The problem is that most of the people watching Dick Morris don’t know that.

But Morris is hardly slinking from the limelight. He’s going to appear on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN Wednesday night, where, according to his website, he’ll “spell out what the Republican Party must do to win national elections again and will discuss how House Speaker Boehner has become Obama’s captive.” Somebody, quick, come up with a drinking game.