Life in Ohio, a Continuing Series

Hard rock guitarist Slash performs  on stage during his concert in Ljubljana,  on February 8, 2013.
Great guitarist, or greatEST guitarist? Photo: Jure Makovec/AFP/Getty Images

Two stories of note. As so often happens in Ohio, a couple was torn apart by passion over Guns 'N Roses vis-à-vis Van Halen:

A couple was arrested after their argument over who was the greatest guitarist of all time became so heated that Motel 6 staff was forced to call the Brook Park police.

The boyfriend was screaming on behalf of Slash, lead guitarist for Guns and Roses. The girlfriend was jumping for Eddie Van Halen, namesake of ’80s rockers Van Halen.

Also, an esteemed local businessman was charged with assault by spanking:

A local business leader, Waynesville’s Citizen of the Year in 2006, is facing an assault charge accusing him of spanking a 29-year-old male tenant in a dispute over more than $2,000 in overdue rent. ...

“If you’re going to act like a child, I’m going to treat you like one,” Kronenberger said before the alleged assault, according to the report.

If you're an Ohio town looking to select a Citizen of the Year, limiting your selection pool to non-spankers is going to thin out the candidates pretty quickly.