Mitt Romney to Reemerge on Fox News

He's back. Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty

It's going to be an exciting few weeks for anyone still interested in what's going on with Mitt Romney: Chris Wallace announced that he landed Mitt and Ann Romney's first post-defeat interview, which will air on next week's Fox News Sunday. This comes just a few days after the news that Romney has been booked as a speaker at next month's Conservative Political Action Conference — an announcement that was not greeted with much enthusiasm by Republicans hoping to move on from the events of November 6.

Wallace, however, thinks that Romney has a right to try to make a comeback. In a conversation with fellow Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Wallace said that the former Massachusetts governor and Bain Capital executive "wants to get back into public life." And, he added, "Why shouldn't he?" When asked whether Romney planned to become the latest failed presidential candidate-turned-Fox personality, Wallace was coy. While Romney seems like an unlikely replacement for Sarah Palin, next week's interview should provide some information about what he plans to do with the rest of his life.

The Wallace sit-down also broke a tradition among the GOP's presidential losers, who are apparently obligated to return to the world via late-night television. As Alex Conant, Marco Rubio's press secretary, pointed out on Twitter, "McCain did Leno in 11/08; Dole did Letterman & SNL in 11/96." Of course, humor has never been Romney's strong suit.