Obama Knows He’s Quickly Losing America’s Attention

"Stay with me, guys. Hillary's not running yet." Photo: Scott Olson/2013 Getty Images

President Obama has a lot on his plate right now between the sequester, immigration reform, gun control, and satisfying the White House Press Corps's demands for information about his golf game with Tiger Woods. On Wednesday, he confirmed that this is intentional, telling a San Francisco TV station that he wants to “get as much stuff done as quickly as possible." "Once we get through this year, then people start looking at the midterms, and after that, they start thinking about presidential elections," said Obama. "The American people don’t want us to spend all our time thinking about elections. They want us to do some work." Judging from Obama's approval ratings, Americans like to see the president keeping busy. A Bloomberg poll found that 55 percent of Americans approve of Obama's job performance, which is the highest number he's had since September 2009.