The ‘47 Percent’ Videographer Will Finally Come Forward [Updated]


The person who recorded Mitt Romney's politically crippling "47 percent" remark at a fund-raiser last spring plans to reveal himself on Ed Schultz's show Wednesday night. "I felt like I owed it to the people that couldn't afford to be there themselves to hear what he really thought," he tells Schultz in the teaser. We know it's a guy, from that bit of video, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if the previous speculation that it was the bartender proves correct.

Update: It was the bartender after all, reports Huffington Post, which also scored an interview with the surreptitious filmmaker. He'd been with the high-end caterer for years, and had worked an event with Bill Clinton where the former president came into the kitchen and glad-handed the staff and posed for photos. "Romney, of course, did not speak to any of the staff, bussers or waiters ... He told his dinner guests that the event was off the record, but never bothered to repeat the admonition to the people working there."