The 7 Hottest ATMs in Cyprus

WORK IT. Photo: Pavlos Vrionides/AP/Corbis

Automated teller machines are having a moment right now. Specifically, ATMs in the tiny island nation of Cyprus, which is at the center of a massive bailout mess that has shaken the global markets.

Before this week, it’s possible that you’d never seen a photograph of a Cypriot ATM. But now, owing to the fact that nobody really knows anything about Cyprus aside from the fact that it’s in danger of having a bank run, they’re everywhere you look. Newspapers, websites, TV networks — no news editor can dodge the allure of these red-hot Cypriot money machines.

The ATM pictured above is one of the hottest numbers making the rounds. Here are six others:

Failing economy? No problem. The clean, sleek lines on this ATM are all you need to signal confidence. Photo: Petros Karadjias/AP/Corbis
Simple, red, elegant. Photo: Petros Karadjias/AP/Corbis
Men and women alike can appreciate the beauty of this baby blue. Photo: Yiannis Kourtoglou/AFP/Getty Images
You'll "shutter" at the sight of this stunner. Photo: LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images
Men have been driven to drink by this sassy side-by-sider. Photo: Petros Karadjias/AP/Corbis
In a sea of gray, this blue-and-yellow beacon is your life raft. Photo: Marios Lolos/Xinhua Press/Corbis

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