Dog Fight Leads to People Fight in Central Park

UNITED STATES - MAY 10:  Mayor Michael Bloomberg's dogs (I think Bonnie & Clyde) at his daughter Georgina competition in the Old Salem Farm Horse Show  (Photo by Enid Alvarez/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
Photo: New York Daily News Archive/2009/Daily News, L.P. (New York)

In another juicy lawsuit dug up by the New York Daily News (they’re on kind of a roll this week), the owner of a show dog is suing another 74-year-old dog owner he says “cold-cocked” him after their canines fought in Central Park. “He just cold-cocked me and pummeled me,” plaintiff Jeffrey Drogin said. “I was holding his dog, so I was defenseless.” The 74-year-old “morphed into a pit bull” and broke one of Drogin’s teeth, the Daily News reports. Like a mother bear protecting its dalmatian.