Drone or UFO (or Something) Spotted Flying Near JFK Airport

The MQ "Predator" drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is shown in this undated handout photo from the aircraft's manufacturer, General Atomics. General Atomics explains that the previous "RQ" designation for this vehicle has recently been changed to "MQ" to reflect the aircrafts multi-functional capabilities. The new designation moves the Predator from a strictly reconnaissance role, to an ability to carry and fire weapons such as the "Hellfire" missile.
Photo: Getty Images/Getty Images

The FAA is looking into the sighting of an unmanned aircraft yesterday in the airspace around JFK, a safety hazard to say the least. “We saw a drone, a drone aircraft,” a pilot told air-traffic control, although there were no other witnesses. Aliens must be extremely pleased with our society’s advances in flight technology and their own newfound plausibly deniability.

Drone or UFO (or Something) Spotted Near JFK