John Sexton Is Not the Most Popular Guy at NYU

John Sexton. Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/2010 Getty Images

The faculty of NYU's largest college, Arts and Science, took a vote of "no confidence" in the school's president John Sexton, and the results were not in his favor. In a poll conducted via electronic ballot, 298 full-time professors who have grown tired of mostly stagnant salaries, rising tuition, and a "top-down management style" responded "yes" to the statement: "The faculty of Arts and Science has no confidence in John Sexton’s leadership." 224 disagreed, and 47 abstained. The vote is nonbinding and unlikely to result in Sexton's ouster, since the university's board of trustees — the people who actually have a say in the matter — are generally been pretty happy with the increased profile and campus size that have defined his twelve-year reign, not to mention the $3 billion he's brought in.