NYC Still Counting Ballots From 2012 Election

Election workers open mail-in ballots at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office on November 6, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado is considered by most experts to be a key battleground state in this year's election.
Photo: Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

In further proof that every vote doesn’t count, even after you wait in a massive line, the New York City Board of Elections admitted last night that more than 400 ballots cast in last November’s election just turned up. According to the Daily News, most of the uncounted votes were in the form of affidavits cast in Manhattan, while others came from voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy. And the rest, pure sloppiness: “some of the ballots … were found mingled with unused forms in a folder opened by BOE workers as they cleaned up paperwork from the 2012 general election.” BOE president Frederic Umane assured, “It’s not enough to unseat President Obama,” who won more than 80 percent of the city, as if that makes it okay.