Eliot Spitzer Thinks Anthony Weiner Should Run for Mayor

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

During a WOR 710 broadcast set to air on Sunday night, Eliot Spitzer expressed confidence in the impending mayoral campaign of Anthony Weiner, who he once hugged. "I think he can come back," said Spitzer. Though the disgraced former governor added that the disgraced former congressman "will have to persuade the public" of his viability as a candidate, he concluded that "he can do it." Conservative commentator Mary Matlin, who joined Spitzer on the radio show, seemed considerably less sure of the "obnoxious" and "not charming" Weiner's ability to win over the public, which — certain Twitter and Facebook users aside — never loved loved him that much to begin with. Spitzer did allow that Weiner "made his name on the floor of the House acting out in a way that would have gotten most second graders sent to the principal," though — for better or for worse — that's no longer the kind of bad behavior most people remember him for.