The Times Won’t Let Lhota Have His Best Soundbite

Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images2013 Getty Images

On Sunday, Joe Lhota got off a soundbite with some heat on it as he railed against political corruption in the wake of this week's spate of arrested politicians. But the New York Times wouldn't play along, couching the quote in such a meta way it pretty much lost its pizazz: "Mr. Lhota offered a quotable phrase ('This tsunami of sleaze has to end') as well as proposals for ethics reform." Lhota called for term limits for party chairmen, a ban on them running for office, and revocation of government pensions for those convicted of a crime. He had enough fiery quotes however ("what I really wish is that the people of New York become as outraged as I am"), so we're sure he's able to look past the paper neutering one.