A Legal Taxi-Hailing App Is Finally Here

A woman is hailing a yellow cab on Lower Manhatten on March 10, 2010 in New York, New York.
Photo: Jan Johannessen/Getty Images2010 Jan Johannessen

That taxi-hailing way of the future we’ve been waiting around for? It’s here. After a judge last week dismissed a suit from livery cab owners to block apps that hail yellow taxis, the city has finally approved its first one, UberTAXI, for use. And on Tuesday night, the app went live. But as The Verge notes, it’s not without its limitations: Namely, it doesn’t yet support automatic payments, the cabs will be in short supply at first, and you still can’t use it to travel from the airport. Still, it’s going to be a real thrill to be able to hail a cab from inside the bar, though less of a matter of survival now that winter’s over.