Do Not Try to Get Out of a Stalled Elevator on Your Own

elevator door
Photo: Ian McDonnell/Istockphoto

In a city of skyscrapers, the idea of horrible elevator accidents is particularly anxiety-producing, so it is with special sadness that we relay the story of Inunion Tursunov, who fell to his death at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Friday night while trying to crawl out of an elevator that stalled during a power outage. The details of the incident are particularly nightmarish: Sources told the New York Daily News that after the 25-year-old got stuck between the fourth and fifth floors, he "[felt] his way through the darkness" and managed to open both sets of elevator doors, only to slip and plummet to the bottom of the shaft. The Bensonhurst resident died shortly after arriving at Brooklyn Hospital. Always wait for help, people.