National Review Slightly Miffed at Rubio


National Review’s cover story attacking immigration reform has gotten a lot of attention. But — not having read the article, which isn’t online yet — the cover doesn’t actually seem so bad. National Review was always going to oppose immigration reform. The relevant question was how it, and other conservatives, treated Rubio.

The worst case for Rubio would be a full McCain-style excommunication. This seems more like a gentle clucking of the tongue. It’s not “Rubio’s Betrayal,” it’s “Rubio’s Folly.” A well-intentioned failure. A youthful misadventure, perhaps. And look at those crafty old senators standing next to him — Schumer and McCain. They are the true villains here. Rubio will surely find time to explain this when he hits the primary trail, possibly regretting his support for the law and pledging himself to the real border enforcement he could not get President Obama to sign