Occupy Wall Street Still Kicking in Court

New york, United States. 30th May 2012 -- Protesters carry a large 'Occupy' banner as they march in the streets. -- Occupy Wall Street has a march in New York in solidarity with the Quebec students striking over student fees and Bill 78, which effectively outlaws most protests, who use kitchen pots and pans as their symbol.
Photo: Stephanie Keith / Demotix/Corbis

The memory of Occupy Wall Street is alive in the legal system, with the city agreeing to pay a $25,000 settlement to a five-foot-four, 140-pound female protester who claimed she was roughed up by police during a protest, receiving a boot to the head and baton to the shins. Last month, the city agreed to fork over a few hundred thousand dollars for destroying the People’s Library. Of its most recent payout, the Law Department said, “The settlement was in the best interest of all parties.” Striking fear in the hearts of protesters: priceless.