Pete Wehner Exposes Media Conspiracy

He's on to us. Photo: Preston Keres/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Pete Wehner, former Minister of Propaganda for the Bush administration, sees the excitement of the Obama scandals receding, and he knows just how to explain this. Not a lack of evidence to date that anybody in the administration has done anything wrong. It's media bias:

The vast majority of journalists are highly sympathetic to a large federal government, and they know where these scandals, if pursued vigorously, will lead—to a further deepening distrust of government. A new Fox News poll shows that more than two-thirds of voters feel the government is out of control and threatening their civil liberties. Journalists are aware that these scandals have the potential to deal a devastating blow to their progressive ideology, which is why they will downplay these stories as much as they can.

So I guess the theory here is that journalists piled on all these stories, then realized there really was tons of evidence of wrongdoing, and they're now backing away because they realize it subverts their progressive ideology. Yeah, that sounds right.