Taxi Fleet Owner Tries to Make Bloomberg Remember Foul-Mouthed Threat

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

After Mayor Bloomberg (allegedly) told a medallion owner, "I am going to destroy your fucking industry," last week, taxi boss Evgeny Freidman tattled to the Post, but apparently he doesn't consider a few pun-filled headlines sufficient punishment. The New York Times reports that Freidman has filed a complaint in federal court claiming Bloomberg expressed "retaliatory intentions" against him. Bloomberg said on Wednesday that he can't remember the profanity-laced exchange over the Taxi of Tomorrow, but curiously, he described it in his radio address last week. “Guy came up to me last night at Madison Square Garden,” Bloomberg recalled. “He said, ‘I sued you for that.’ He was very proud of it.” Still, Bloomberg didn't say anything about putting "destroy fucking taxi industry" on his list of things to do, and it sounds like his sudden amnesia might come in handy.